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Anju Kumari Behera – Miss Universe 2022 And Miss photogenic
My name is Anju Kumari Behera, and I am a 24-year-old. Due to my distinctive philosophy, I am appreciated for thinking above the boundaries of society and [...]
Netra Patil Miss Teen Universe 2022 2nd Runner Up
Netra Patil  – I am 14 years old, Netra Patil, born in the city of weavers, Malegaon. Presently I am reside in Nasik.  In standard 8th, I secured 92% [...]
Teen Mr and Miss Universe 2022 Event by Joil Entertainment Successfully Concluded In Pune
Joil Entertainment is a Mumbai-based fashion and beauty company that has been in operation since September 2021. The company’s director and CEO is [...]
Joil Entertainment Presents Teen Mr Miss Mrs Supranational 2021 Mumbai Auditions Concluded
Teen Mr Miss Mrs Supranational 2021 Mumbai Auditions were recently concluded In Andheri, Mumbai. Some contestants gave their auditions and displayed their [...]
Successful Auditions Of Teen – Mr – Miss – Mrs – India Supra National 2021 Held In Pune
Glimpses Of Auditions Of Pune Contestants which was held in Pune  which saw a tremendous response from the city.  The finale of this prestigious Pageant [...]
Akaarsh Young Talented Model From Tamil Nadu Winner Of Many Pageants
I’m Akaarsh I’m 20 year old I’m from Chennai I played TNCA cricket in 2010 to 2018 in Vbca and in 2019 I got interested in modelling. In [...]
Pranav Pandey Winner Of Prestigious Glam World Mr & Miss India as Mr India 2020
Little known facts about  Pranav Pandey in his own words I have won Glam World Mr. & Miss India as Mr. India 2020 With subtitle winner Mr. Popular 2020 [...]
Yash Thorat 2 Runner Up Of Prestigious Pageant Glam World Mr & Miss India
Little known facts about Yash Thorat the 2 Runner up Of Prestigious Pageant Glam World Mr & Miss India in his own words. Name : Yash Thorat Winner : [...]
Ashwin Rajput The Quintessential 21st Century Guy
Looking For Fashion Goals? Meet Ashwin Rajput Pageant Organiser And Curator, Founder Of All In One Ventures ‘’Fashion Is Art And You Are The Canvas’’ The [...]