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Debutant Director Haider Khan Gives World Cinema Its First Feature Film On World’s Biggest Rohingya Genocide Based On True Events – About Unsung Special Forces INDIAN Paras Which Are Known As The Maroon Berets Of Our Nation
For the first time ever in the history of world cinema finally, one patriotic Indian army feature film is made on ROHINGYA’S directed by the debutant [...]
Shramik Special Train Left For Lucknow Carrying 1230 Workers From Mumbai
मुम्बई से 1230 श्रमिकों को लेकर,लखनऊ के लिये रवाना हुईं श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेन मुम्बई से 25 मई 2020 को ईद के सुभ अवसर पर.1230 श्रमिकों को लेकर रवाना हुई [...]
Surviralists Phir Tera Time Aayega Could Well Be The Lockdown Anthem!
“Kyun Karta Hai Fiqr, Aakhir Hoga Kya, Tu Soch Ke Dekh Zara, Kya Kya Hai Paaya…” These words, from the new video and song track ‘Phir Tera Time [...]
Vraddhi Sharma In THE PERFECT ROOM MATE Actress Vraddhi Sharma has spent most of her time in lockdown in creativity either being associated with other team [...]
Even After Ostracizing For 9 years 999 Is Crossing 9 Cherishing Memories
A movie that made us foresee the crumbling of the Mullaperiyar dam predicted to fall in July 2020 by Nostradamus. Even the supreme Indian Parliament [...]
Rapper Hiteshwar’s New Song For The Labours Went Viral
मज़दूर के लिए रैपर हितेश्वर का नया सोंग हुआ वायरल। सारी दुनिया और अपने देश मेे भी करोना महामारी का प्रकोप जारी है, लेकिन ऐसे में कलाकार गीत संगीत के जरिए भी [...]
Actor Rajveer Singh Of Punjab Is Very Excited About The Punjabi Film ROSHNI
पंजाब के फाइन अभिनेता राजवीर सिंह पंजाबी फिल्म “रौशनी” को लेकर हैं बेहद उत्साहित। पंजाबी स्टार गुरदास मान के साथ स्क्रीन शेयर करने जा रहे हैं [...]
Don Cinema Releases Oscar Nominee Director Majid Majidi’s Film Muhammad The Messenger of God
Don Cinema releases Oscar nominee Director Majid Majidi’s film ‘Muhammad The Messenger of God” which is releasing on Don Cinema OTT platform in [...]
Jay Lodhiya Presents  you the very sad story about Rape  a Short Film, JAHAN DARINDE RAHTE HAI Is  a story and message to society & our legal system. [...]
Addatimes Web Series SIN Receiving Overwhelming Response From The Audience Globally
Whodunits, murder mysteries, Investigation and edge-of-the-seat suspense thrillers, Bollywood has dazzled us with several tales based on these themes. From [...]
Rajkumar Khurana Is Busy In His Shooting Schedule
Rajkumar Khurana, a Table Tennis player, also coach for Indian Table Tennis & Bronze Medalist has carved his place in Bollywood also. He is another [...]
कम उम्र में फिल्मो के टॉप पीआरओ बने सोनू निगम ऐसी रही उनकी फिल्मों की सफर दर्जनों फिल्मो से अधिक फिल्मो के प्रचार प्रसार के माध्यम से हिट करवाया आज भोजपुरी [...]
As a little girl, our very own, Ayushi Chhabra, was crowned ‘Miss Beautiful’ at a local pageant in Ghaziabad, and since then, she has been winning the [...]
Rapper Hiteshwar New Song On Corona Goes Viral
कोरोना पर रैपर हितेश्वर का नया सोंग हुआ वायरल सारी दुनिया और अपने देश मेे भी करोना महामारी का प्रकोप जारी है, लेकिन ऐसे में कलाकार गीत संगीत के जरिए भी [...]
She is Sulachna K, 26 years old born in Mumbai and brought up as well as studied in California, USA. Sulachna’s childhood dream is to be a acclaimed [...]
Lion Raju Manwani – Lata Awtaney And VSSS Donated Food And Other Essentials
Lion Raju Manwani,Lata Awtaney & VSSS  donated  food and other essentials to needy peoples “We have to help each other, be there for each other [...]
UAE-Based Aries Is Now Saudi Aramco Approved
13.05.2020, Saudi Arabia: UAE-based Aries Marine Services Est is one among the very few listed NDT companies based in Saudi Arabia that have received the [...]
Ashutosh Sinha Actor Promoting Video Of His Of Coming Film Miss Masala Dosa A Film By Alok Shrivastava
Ashutosh Sinha the welknown actor of rare calibre and artistic bent of mind have made many videos during lockdown, but our team saw this video and was [...]
Playback Singer Hrishikesh Chury Plants 200 Plus Saplings Amid Lockdown
Due to the ongoing pandemic and global lockdown, we can say that we all are confined to stay indoors since many days. Most of us are working from home and [...]
Bringing Back The Humane In Humanity – Mukkti Foundation – A Smita Thackeray Foundation
Smita Thackeray helmed Mukkti Foundation has been instrumental in distributing over 8,500 meals to the needy along with 2,000 face shields for our [...]
Hindi Film Miss Masala Dosa Actress Lavina Israni Making Dosas At Home For The Neighbouring Needy People
In the wake of novel COVID – 19 pandemic outbreak Hindi film Miss Masala Dosa actress Lavina Israni is making dosas at home for the neighbouring needy [...]
Education sector seeking new ways to outgrow the conventional textbook learning and explore scopes of e-learning
COVID-19 has sparked unrest in almost every business in the world, and the education sector is no different. Ever since our usual daily activities have [...]
Ratnesh Barnwal A Big Actor With Big Heart
छोटे कद का बड़ा एक्टर है रत्नेश बरनवाल कद छोटा लेकिन कलेजा बड़ा रखते हैं एक्टर रत्नेश बरनवाल भोजपुरी सिनेमा के मशहूर कॉमेडियन रत्नेश बरनवाल हिंदी वेब सीरीज [...]
Inshallah Denies Misconceptions Against Women
AJ Film Entertainment World All India Release Filmmakers now have a new passion.  They have understood that if the concept of the film is good, then a hit [...]
Maa Is New Song Launched On Mother’s Day
Maa is new song launching on this Mother’s Day 10th May 2020 dedicated to all mothers. Maa is soulful creation of the Music director Duo Kedar & [...]
Singer Ravindra Singh’s Music Video SUNA SUNA Strikes An Emotional Chord Of Every Listener Across
Ravindra Singh, a well-known singer has lighten up the grim around, a melodious rendition of giving back life to lonely streets of India by his soothing [...]
Watch SIN A Gripping Series Of Passion And Crime On Addatimes
Whodunits, murder mysteries, Investigation and edge-of-the-seat suspense thrillers, Bollywood has dazzled us with several tales based on these themes. From [...]
On the 4th May, 2020, Dr. Rekha Chaudhari, MD of Oneline Wellness Pvt. Ltd. brought together a panel of discussion with the leaders in the beauty and [...]
Alok Shrivastava And Jatin Upadhyay Helps Needy Families With Groceries And Essentials
Alok Shrivastava And Jatin Upadhyay Helps Needy Families With Groceries And Essentials In the wake of novel COVID – 19 pandemic outbreak.  Alok Shrivastava [...]
Sachiin J Joshi – I Am An Indian First An Entrepreneur Who Takes Care Of A 1000 Families Next, I Will Not Take Armtwisters Lightly
“I am an Indian first, an entrepreneur who takes care of over a 1000 families next. It is time we stop thinking ‘I’ and start thinking [...]
The Malayali Community Embraces Poem COVID-19 Wholeheartedly
People were used to complaining about a short time even though they had a long to-do-list, now have enough and more of time in their hands due to the COVID [...]
Tusshar Kapoor – Esha Deol – Karan Johar – Neha Dhupia – Soha Ali Khan – Amrita Arora Amongst Others Pledge To Protect The Planet
~ Simone Khambatta of Mama Says brings these celebs together who tell us how they want to heal the world for their children and the future ~ While the [...]
Institut Le Rosey – The Hidden Truth Behind The Most Expensive School In The World
Distressed Indian parents left to fend for their daughter’s rights with the school’s disgraceful demeanour of protecting the offenders New Delhi, 7 May [...]
Gaurav Chanana In 100 hours 100 Stars A Fever FM Initiative In Aid Of PM Cares
He has a dashing similarity with Lucifer. His handsome persona, carelessly tossed mane, his quirky sense of humour and of course the unmissable green eyes [...]
In The Wake Of COVID-19 Jaiswal Youth Federation (JYF) In Association With Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust (SDCT) Helped More than 5000 Needy Families
Jaiswal Youth Federation (JYF) in association with Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust (SDCT) & with the support of its Trustees Sandipji & Rajdipji [...]
Amrita Rao And Hema Malini Ji Come Together For ASSOCHAM’S World Hand Hygiene Day Initiative
Mumbai: Amrita Rao and Hema Malini Ji have come together for The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), an apex trade [...]
Director Kumar Neeraj’s Dream Project Is The Hindi Film Gangs Of Bihar
निर्देशक कुमार  नीरज की ड्रीम प्रोजेक्ट है हिंदी फिल्म गैंगस ऑफ़ बिहार । हिंदी फिल्म गैंग्स ऑफ़ बिहार कोरोना के वजह से आगे बढ़ा दी गई है बता दें कि पहले [...]
Jagadguru Narendracharya Maharaj Sansthan Nanijdham Contributes 1 Crore 2 Lacs Towards Relief Funds To combat Covid-19 Pandemic
Jagadguru Narendracharya Maharaj Sansthan, Nanijdham (Maharashtra) contributed 52 lacs to PMCares Fund on the 30th of April 2020 to combat Covid-19 [...]
Vishal Bhagat A Youth Leader Serving In The Public Interest Is Taking 300 People Daily In Comminity Kitchen
Due to the lockdown for the last 40 days, people have a big problem of eating and drinking due to the Corona virus.  Many people have stopped earning due [...]
Filmmaker Arsala Qureishi On The New Normal And Cinema
Arsala Qureishi has launched BLOW  MEDIA right before the pandemic hit the world. Blow Media’s manifesto is clear, it will create digital content that is [...]
Rekha Vyalapalli – There Is A Real Need To Fill The Empty Plates Of The Needy
जरूरतमंदो के खाली प्लेटों को भरने की है असली जरूरत : रेखा व्यालपल्ली लॉकडाउन में फँसे हज़ारों बिहार,झारखंड और यूपी के मज़दूर को रोज़ भोजन करा रही “रेखा [...]
Music Video Queen Ansh Shekhawats Album FIKAR Is Touching On The Hearts Of People
Music Video Queen Annsh Shekhawat is swaying the hearts of people with her music album “Fikar” Annsh Shekhawat who has earlier acted in several music [...]
Business After Lock Down Tips By Business Coach Arvind Khinvesra
Lockdown has been a great leveler. It has impacted businesses across the globe, industry and scale of business. However, whether you stay affected or [...]
Surat Boy Hardik Tailor Collaborates With Dubai Based DJ Shadow For Quarantine Special
Quarantine and lockdown is the only common word we are probably listening from everyone’s mouth these days. And seems like being bored has become [...]
Sandeep Yadav And His Companions Fighting Against Corona Relentlessly Round The Clock To Save Our Country And Vicinity
Since the time the pandemic has hit our country , we have few strong warriors of nation who are working relentlessly round the clock to save our country [...]
13th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema Announced
Mumbai: 13th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has been announced for all those who love short films and ready to shoot stills and movie on their [...]
Jai Maharashtra Says Amrita Rao
1 May 2020, Mumbai: Actress Amrita Rao who prides in been born and brought up in Mumbai, took time during the lockdown for her special salutations to the [...]
Rishi Kapoor Actor passes away in Mumbai
Actor Rishi Kapoor died on Thursday after a 2-year battle with leukaemia. He was cremated in the presence of family and friends on Thursday evening. [...]